The Layered Shop works very hard to provide Nobelton & King with a great selection of freshly baked gluten free treats. Busy days can lead to sold out items, and we never want you to be disappointed if you are unable to purchase the selection you wish to enjoy. To prevent this from happening, we encourage you to make a reservation. Please see below for more details.


Between Tuesday and Friday if you know something on our menu you just cant live without eating, we will take a limited amount of daily pre-orders.

Give us a call between 10am and noon to reserve a selection of our treats available that day.

Please note, we do not accept day of pre-orders on weekends. If you want to make a reservation for Saturday, please call during the week to inquire.


To place an order for bakery items for a party or special event, please give us a call at the shop to finalize your order.

A credit card is required to hold your order, so please have it ready when you call. The Layered Shop tends to be busiest on weekends and can only accommodate a certain number of party reservations.

If you would like some sweet treats set aside for you, please call the shop during the week to book early and avoid disappointment or pre-book in advance when you know the details of your party.

Contact us for all custom order requests.

Delivery & Pick Up

At the moment we are not offering delivery services on weekdays as we are a small business running the store, however pick up is available during all business hours- please let us know an approximate pick up time when ordering to ensure your order will be packaged and ready for you! If you require delivery and set-up on weekends we are more than happy to deliver and set up your desserts for an added fee. If interested in this option please inquire with the shop to ensure availability. We are also available to co-ordinate any other aspect of your event if needed with our business affiliates with balloons, decor and floral.

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